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Religious Dialogue As A Tool For Peaceful Coexistence

 The modern world is becoming highly fragmented, less peaceful, and unsafe for both present and future generations. The world is now engulfed by an environment of tension, violence, declining values, injustice, reduced tolerance, and respect for human rights. These polarizations are big threats to the...

Importance of Interreligious Dialogue and Negotiation

Interreligious Dialogue is people from different backgrounds having meaningful and respectful conversations. Regardless of where anyone is from there is a way they can get along irrespective of their religious background. Interreligious dialogue helps people to gain more knowledge about different experiences and perspectives. It...

East-West Dialogue: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Representations

Although studies on sports and nationalism are plentiful, studying nationalism through sports is a suitable answer to this critique because it shows exactly how common people assign meaning to their respective countries in light of an everyday phenomenon. Introduction Sports offer an opportunity to see...

Benefits of Dialogue Theory in Court and Legislature

Is the Dialogue Theory beneficial in the relations of the Court and Legislature? The Post-Charter Canada has given the Courts “teeth” in the realm of the political atmosphere and started a dialogue with the government in regards to legislation. Due to the array of issues...

Common Problems Faced By Parties Involved In A Negotiation Process

As arrangement was portrayed already there are no questions that the need to consider another person interests and targets while in the meantime saving what's more, protecting your very own advantages and destinations infers numerous troublesome decisions concerning ways and means utilized with a specific...

Overview Of The Main Thrusts In Negotiation

Negotiation is a deliberate procedure including diverse performing actors with various interests or objectives, distinctive dispositions and procedures prompting a circumstance were individuals are attempting to change these distinctions with a specific end goal to achieve an understanding. The willing ness to discover an answer...

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