Essay Samples on Paramedic

My Dream to Become a Paramedic

Since finishing my degree in psychology, I have been working as a clinical support worker at Salford royal hospital. Working in the NHS has completely changed my perspective as to what career I thought that I had previously wanted, since I have been working as…

Why I Want to be a Paramedic

There are many reasons to become a paramedic. It can be because of the flashing lights and blaring sirens, wearing a badge/ uniform, to save lives or even because you want to help people. But when I think back to the motivation I got to…

The Hardships of the Career of a Paramedic

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) serve great purposes and carry much responsibility when it comes to the care of a patient that is away from any health care facility. In the career of EMTs, there are three levels which are of the following: EMT-basic, EMT-intermediate, and…

Secondary Roles of a Paramedic

Paramedics as first responders to emergency scenes have the much-needed role of stabilisation, treatment and transport of the ill or injured. As vital as this primary role is, it can be only one of many the paramedic plays. These secondary roles of a paramedic shall…

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