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The Heroic Deeds of Pilots on the Flight 236

“Would the lead steward please come to the flight deck... immediately” – is one of those in-flight announcements you hear in plane crash movies and would rather never ever hear in reality. Unfortunately, this is what Air Transat Flight 236 passengers had to hear, as...

The Tragic Fate of the Flight 96

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Imagine you need to get from Los Angeles to New York. To make it not so painfully long, you choose to take American Airlines Flight 96, with stopovers in Detroit and Buffalo. But several minutes after your plane leaves Detroit, it happens. Seemingly out of...

Pilot Health Issues and Ethical Issues in Aviation Medicine

Introduction Warren Jensen’s analysis regarding pilot health stipulates that health-related issues are more sophisticated than the initially appeared. First, he highlights that with safety comes the mitigation of risk since we cannot eliminate it. One of the greatest challenges for aviation employees, according to Jensen...

Following the Path of Becoming a Pilot

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated about planes, everything surrounding them was interesting to me, how they worked, how they looked, how they sounded, and most importantly how could I fly one. As I grew up I had the opportunity to meet...

The Interest and Inclusion of Women in Aviation Industry

This essay aims to understand why men and women are treated differently in the aviation industry, why females meet obstacles such as gender bias and aviation policy restrictions. The aviation industry all over the world has a significant shortage of qualified pilots. This situation comes...

Evaluation Of The Idea Of Arming Pilots With Weapons

Arming Pilot with weapons a good idea? Most people on planet earth today prefers air transport more than any other mode of transport domestically or internationally as their means of travelling from one destination to another. But one of the major issue faced by airline...

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