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The Importance of the Role of a General Physician

General Physician also known as extremely skilled experts offering an extensive variety of non-surgical well-being precaution to all grown-up patients. They usually take precaution of threatening infrequent plus severe therapeutic issues and carry on to maintain patient’s health until all issues get fixed. Apart from…

My Dream Career Of Physical Therapy

Carol Welch-Baril, a neuromuscular therapist, once said, “movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states” (Baril). Growing up, I was deeply affected when my friends or siblings were not able to participate in everyday activities due to injuries….

My Dream Career Of Orthodontist

When I was younger becoming an orthodontist was my dream. Watching my Orthodontist work on my teeth is what inspired me the most. As I got older, I have realized that in this line of work, the dentist must have the ability to have patience,…

My Road To Pediatric Profession

“This is my only child, do you think that my son will grow normal?” asked an innocent old father during my pediatric rotation while examining the cystic fibrosis child, admitted with meningitis. I made him understand and tried to reduce his suffering. Meanwhile counseling, I…

The Market Of Medical Doctors

Introduction The economic issues that this paper will be focused on is the market of medical doctors. The situation describes a family member trying to decide whether or not to go to medical school. As an economist she asked for guidance and has requested a…

Why I Choose Medicine As My Career Path

My decision to study Medicine neither stems from a childhood dream, nor a specific moment in my past. Instead, it is the result of years of deliberating my interest to pursue a scientific course which allows me to directly improve people’s well-being. Medicine’s forward-thinking nature…

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