My Thirst To Advance My As Both A Doctor And A Curious Scientist

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Seeing my sibling attending night shifts, vigorously and constantly studying, and investing their full energy into Medicine didn’t serve as a deterrence. On the contrary, this authentic introduction allowed me to comprehend the reality of the hard work and time inputted. From my experiences, I’ve learnt that Medicine is both rewarding and eye-opening, but simultaneously challenging. Regardless of the long hours and stressful encounters, ultimately it is a privilege.

By attending a variety of lectures in order to expand my medical knowledge, I came across a memorable talk given by Professor Paul Freemont on: ‘Synthetic Biology: Designing the Future’. He discussed the powerful combination of molecular biology and engineering, leading to a potential “Biotechnological Revolution” in healthcare. The discussion of reprogramming biological systems caught my attention, as the process for manipulating complex tissues links directly to my fascination of Nanotechnology, where nanodevices are used to trigger tissue development. Inspired to inform, I wrote an article for my school newsletter, and presented this topic to my Medical Society.

My thirst to advance my medical experience led me to a GP Shadowing Scheme that lasted 4 weeks. I observed that the multidisciplinary team worked reliably and efficiently through their eloquent communication. By sitting in on patient-doctor sessions, I was able to distinguish the subtle changes in the doctor’s mannerisms when dealing with both distressed and confused patients. By repeating and explaining key pieces of information, answering the patient’s questions, and efficiently summarising, the patient was consistently put at ease. Watching medical knowledge change the direction of patients’ lives contributed to my increasingly eager perception of this career path.

Research is a major force behind scientific advancement, which led me to attend a 2-week work experience placement at In2ScienceUK in UCL, where I worked alongside engineers and doctors. By shadowing scientists and gaining new skills, I learnt to computer model the skulls of children with Unicoronal Craniosynostosis. I was excited to hear that many methods used for research, such as the computer modelling of deformed skulls that I had been working with, are used both to diagnose, and to allow surgeons to have a practice tool before surgery. The insight I gained provided context to the medical research papers about the social and physical effects of skull deformities I was reading. As medicine is an ever-progressing field, it is important to keep up with the latest advancements to ensure optimal treatment is offered, and to gain a higher level of understanding and empathy for patients.

During the summer, I volunteered at ‘Solidarity Sports’, a Non-Profit organisation that allows children who have past trauma, such as survivors of Grenfell Tower, to be supported through physical activities, that challenged their social skills in an indirect method of therapy. I adapted my speech and body language in order to surround the children in a comfortable and supportive environment, which taught me to regulate my non-verbal physicality. By building a friendship with the younger children, they gained the confidence to express themselves through the supportive environment that our rapport provided. Through the gratitude I received, my sense of purpose intensified, which furthered my determination to become a doctor. I also took part in major productions in my School Choir, which stems from my interest in music; I taught myself how to play guitar and piano at a young age, and currently make compositions in my free time. By attending Muay Thai Kickboxing, I developed a deeper understanding of self-discipline and concentration, and learnt to organise my time effectively.

Excited by the prospect of interacting with patients and surrounding myself in a community of dedicated medics, I hope to exercise my strengths and academic prowess, as I truly strive to excel as both a doctor and a curious scientist.

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