The Chances Of Filipino Doctors Going Abroad Because Of Being Financially Unstable

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Our topic is about the students taking up medicine in college and going abroad after graduating because of being financially unstable. What do you think is the reason why students tend to go abroad to work after finishing their degree in medicine? What are the things that other countries have that our country lacks?

Going abroad after graduating is one of the most wanted thing to do of most students because they think that they will have a better life when they go to other countries. All they want is a stable life so they can support their parents and their siblings especially if they will have their own family to live with. They need a stable life to assure that they can raise their children properly and with good educational background.

That is not the only reason, to be honest there are so many reasons why most of the students want to work abroad. We know that the Philippines is one of the countries that has a big percentage of poverty and that is one reason why many people prefer working in different countries especially rich countries. They believe that they will have more opportunities when they go abroad because they know that their life will be easier compared to our country, but is it really easier when you go abroad to work?

Many would possibly think that its true when they look at the positive side of that certain country specifically the wealth of that country. When we look on the other side having a job abroad is not easy because many students that finished their degree in medicine to be a doctor and worked abroad, they became nurses and caretakers which is not an easy job to do. We think that being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) is easy because they earn big, but to earn that kind of money they need to sacrifice a lot of time and effort.

We need to think first before going to different countries to work because we don’t know if it is safe and if it is convenient for us. Keep in mind that there is no easy job; we all need to sacrifice in order for us to achieve what we want. If we compare the job here in our country and abroad it is almost the same, we just think that being abroad will help us get a better life.

Main idea # 1

Working abroad and working in the Philippines, there is a big difference

Earning money is harder than spending it. Time and leisure needs to be sacrificed in order to learn and earn, and in turn, the body and mind will be tired. All those work, knowledge, and talent just to be spent in some other country’s sake. It should be used for the sake of their country, to help it grow economically. But here is the thing; working abroad and working in the Philippines as a doctor are two different things. The difference is big if you compare. As we can see, working abroad gives more advantages to doctors than working in the Philippines. It is because they have more advantage in technology so doctors and medical students could practice what they learnt, and doctor is the profession that they mostly seek.

Before they got the chance to go abroad and got their jobs, doctors need to pass difficult exams and be documented so that the country and the hospital that they were aiming for, would accept them. And when they have already polished their skills, more will want to work for them and so earning money would be a bit easier for them. Whilst in the Philippines, they could not polish what their skills are because the Philippines itself is financially striving that is why they could not afford the technologies that the other countries have. They will have bigger chances to earn a lot and be financially stable.

Main idea # 2

Being a doctor in another country has a bigger amount of salary compared to our motherland

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It is said that working in abroad would give you a much bigger opportunity to have a better future for you and your family, why? It is because of the worth of the salary that they have for every worker.

In the Philippines, becoming a doctor has a fruitful bearing but with a tiring planting of effort. You will get rich while helping the Filipinos, but at some cases, the doctors are not receiving enough salary to sustain their needs and wants that is why most of them are looking for a job abroad. Once the Filipino doctors are given a chance to enhance their skills abroad, their knowledge about medicine expands- and once they have completed the requirements of their chosen country to work in, they are qualified to be that country's doctor and be paid with higher value of money. Compared to our motherland, our money value is quite low, that is why most of the doctors prefer to work abroad even if it means separating to their loved ones.

Sacrifices are always a must to be financial stable. That is why it is okay for doctors who leave their family just so that they can sustain them. There was an article were the government will give a higher salary for Filipino doctors but it was still not enough. It was for us writers it was a really cheap price. It was not something worth it for the sacrifices a doctor needs to do. That is why a lot of people understand the urge of the doctors to go abroad than to work in our own country.

Main Idea # 3

Professional doctors sacrificed their license to be a nurse abroad because of having a higher salary

We can see that many Filipino professional doctors tend to go abroad or even migrate just to have a license of being a nurse abroad usually in the States. They do this thing because it has a lot more potential to make them financially stable. Being a nurse abroad has a lot more salary than a doctor in the Philippines. Our country even made a few propagandas to make the salary of doctors higher but it does not change the fact that the nurses in the States have a lot of salary than the doctors in the Philippines.

A lot of people would interview Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and will asked if it is okay for them to be a nurse, of course people would think it would be a waste that you will sacrifice your dream job just to be financially stable but it will still be a yes for them. It is okay for them because of how every marketing value of every material things are getting high. It would be a problem if they cannot earn a lot more than it is. It is okay for them because it will make them financially stable and they will not have a problem about money. If we are asking about having a sustainable life is okay it is really okay because you are not doing something illegal.

Sometimes they would even work a different job so that they can earn their studying fees. They would work as a caregiver, a janitor or even a shop staff. Those are the things that they are willing to do so that they could earn money for the fees of their job. They continue to sacrifice a lot of things so that they can earn more in the future.


The study concludes that even if you have a really nice and decent job, it does not change the fact that going abroad is a better option. Doctors in the Philippines whether professional or just making an entrance to the world of doctors, it does not change that they are being underpaid. They are going through a lot of sacrifices but the government is not making a change out of it. They are being meticulous and working smart on their job but the government are not looking through their efforts. That is why a lot of doctors go abroad or even migrate to another country.

Doctors whom instead will just stay in the Philippines and earn money do not suffice their families. They go abroad to work and spend most of their time to earn a lot. They even do different jobs because of how being a doctor or earning a professional job abroad is difficult. They need a lot of studying and seminars and even need to pay for their education. They will also be registered nurses because of how hard it is to be a doctor abroad like in United States.

There are a lot of exams and screenings that you need to do before even stepping there being a doctor. Even if that happens, registered nurses in the States have a lot more wage than a Professional Licensed doctor in the Philippines. There is a huge difference. That is why a lot of doctors in the Philippines tend to sacrifice their licensed just for having more money so that they could be financially stable. If the government would not take action about it, then we would lose a lot of professionals here in the Philippines.

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