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What Career Path Are You Planning to Pursue and Why

The pursuit of a career is a journey that shapes one's future, aspirations, and impact on the world. As I stand at the crossroads of choice, contemplating the career path I am planning to pursue, I find inspiration in the role of a pharmacist. In...

Student's Path to Develop Professionalism in Pharmacy

Professionalism is defined as a series of individual behavior. It involves extensive specialist knowledge, high skills, as well as an appropriate approach to perform their duties. Professionalism in pharmacy in this essay is defined as a complex of high skills and high level and ethic...

A Report on How Pharmacist Contribute in Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

Introduction Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics are the disciplines of broad interest that has greatly risen in recent years. They have become a prominent science that starting to impact significantly on clinical research and medical practice and contribute to a great application in drug development and therapeutics....

The Respectability and Prestige of Profession of the Pharmacist

Growing up in Vietnam, my parents always brewed Chinese herbs whenever I was sick. I remembered that it gave off an undesirable taste and an unpleasant smell with a hint of decay. I had to pinch my nose and took a big gulp while wondering...

The Role of Pharmacists at Space and Aeronautics Station

With the rapid advancements of technology, there is constant talk about space travel, particularly exploration of planets further than our moon. Elon Musk has been the forefront of human colonization on Mars. His company, SpaceX, is currently working on a spacecraft that will be fast...

The Requerements Needed To Become A Pharmacist

The career I am interested in pursuing is being a Pharmacist. This career is both challenging and will support me and my children. I am interested in this career field because of how the human body interacts with other chemicals and even the food you...

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