Essay Samples on Nurse

My Decision To Become A Nurse

September 26, 2003 was the hardest and most impactful day of my life. I was in the second grade when a close family friend suddenly pulled me out of class. I can remember being confused, partly because my mother would never let me skip a…

Reflective Journal On Medical Simulation

My simulation group consisted of four nurses that were assigned to different roles in the care of two hospitalized patients on a medical/surgical unit. The first patient was a 64 year old male, admitted for pneumonia, and the second patient was a 56 year old…

The Significance Of Knowledge In Nursing

A discipline is defined as “a particular area of study, especially a subject studied at a college or university” (Cambridge Dictionary, 2018). Donaldson & Crowley (1978) stated that this discipline encompasses a basis of knowledge that is applicable to every aspect of the professional practice….

Delegation In Professional Nursing

Delegation plays an integral role in the nursing profession. In fact, delegating tasks to other appropriate staff members (e. g. patient care techs, LPNS) can be the key component in making sound clinical judgements as a registered nurse; as it also determines the hierarchy of…

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