Why I Find Caring My True Calling

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My dream has always been focused on working in the care profession and to be a certified nurse, and that is why I want to fulfil my dreams of studying this degree. I like helping and working with other people, and for the past 18 years, I’ve been working as a care assistant and care team manager. I have worked assisting different types of people, who are disabled and other personal needs, and it can be difficult at times, but I get fulfilment by helping people. I know that becoming a nurse requires a lot of patience and I'm willing to do all that is expected to achieve my goals. I am an exceptionally good listener, and I'm always eager to learn new things, and I am capable of working as an individual or a team member. I think that I have good communication skills, and I have learned a lot during my work as a care assistant. I have always admired and given nurses great respect and I believe that being a nurse is more than a profession and it is a way of life. I understand the needs of other people because I would help them improve their uniqueness, rights, empowerment, self-esteem, and identity. During my working years as a care assistant and care team manager, I did learn how to deal with patients and calm them down when they get stressed and also encouraging them to learn new things every day. I also improved my knowledge, skills and the importance of communication because I would talk with clients and encourage them to get involved in everyday activities. In return, I got to see my own values in life concerning my lifestyle, beliefs, needs, and goals. My interest in caring for people encouraged me to pursue this access to health care course because; I think it would allow me to get an in-depth knowledge of the skills needed in caring for people.

During my employment, I did learn that planning ahead is a powerful skill needed in achieving deadlines and goals. I learned a lot about how the NHS got created and the duties of nursing staff in the caring of people, and this gave me joy in my chosen career path. I genuinely believe that undertaking this access to health care course would help me further understand the information I need in caring for people and helping them retain their health because I love working directly with individuals. With all the determination and positive attitude I have towards a career in nursing, I think this will help me in improving my life and that of others. I understand that nursing is a demanding and challenging career, but I am prepared to accept the challenges because I am a patient, reliable, and dedicated individual who is willing and happy to help other people. When I am off work, I like to exercise, read books, socialise with friends, and learn more about the skills I want in caring for people. I'm truly passionate about caring for other people, and I'm looking forward to studying, learning and having a successful nursing career.

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