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The Festival Known as “Mattu Pongal” or the “Pongal”

The second day of the festival is known as “Mattu Pongal” or the “Pongal” for cows, specifically bulls. We are thankful to the bulls because they are the animals who plough the land which men farm on to obtain their food. On the bulls we...

Main Customs And Celebrations Of The Sri Lankan Tamil Holiday Pongal

An important event to the Sri Lankan Tamil culture is a two-day, harvest festival called “Pongal”. In Tamil, “Pongal” means “to boil” and it is also the name of the signature dish eaten during the festival that is made out of rice and lentils. When...

Connecting the Body and Spirit in Pongal Harvest Festival

When looking in depth at the ritual, gender roles are portrayed by what is seen to be ideal for a women and a man to do. In other words, gender is a socially constructed perspective that portrays what is expected of the behaviour, occupation or...

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