Essay Samples on Holidays

Why Halloween is My Favorite Holiday to This Day

Halloween has reliably been a favorite occasion of mine, I was so invigorated as a tyke reliably when October would come around yet again. The decorations, frightening motion pictures, frequented houses, sprucing up in outfits, and best of all, the treat! This season was continually…

Gratitude and the Act of Giving on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that shows people we love, values love, relationships and reading. Valentine’s Day is a day to show people who care about our important words and actions. mean something! We all know that Valentine’s Day is a day to exchange cards…

The Beauty of the Rumassala Jungle Beach

What do you think is the meaning of a jungle beach? Have you ever seen a one? It is actually a beach and at the same time it is a jungle. How could this happen? Usually a jungle belongs to the inside of the land…

History of the American Flags

Betsy Ross made her living as a seamstress, and had many customers. She sewed many things, including clothes, blankets, and curtains. Each day, she would start with a pile of cloth and create things people paid her to make. Everyone knew she would do an…

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