Essay Samples on Christmas

My Favorite Holidays of the Year

Every year people cannot wait for certain things to come around whether it is school, sports or even a specific event. However, that is not the case for myself because I look forward to the holidays in the winter time. The decorations that are seen…

Public Schools Need More Day Off Holidays

This research paper is about the inequality of having only Christmas Day as a required day off from school in public schools across the country. In it I will address the legal status of only having Christmas off from school as well as the legal…

Why Christmas is My Favorite Holiday of the Year

Christmas uplifts the spirit and brings joy every month of December. It is one of the most awaited and highlighted seasons of the year. A magical time for every family to bond, dine, and have a great fun and feast together. My Christmas vacation has…

How Christmas is Celebrated in Pakistan

In every country, there are special occasions that are celebrated by different communities. These days can be social, cultural or religious. Countries based on one main religion, have tolerance towards each other. Muslims celebrate Eid, Hindu celebrates Diwali and Christians celebrate Christmas. On this special…

Christmas Celebrations in Jamaica and The Netherlands

Holidays in countries differ in so many ways, Christmas being one of them. The meaning behind the holiday may not change much, but cultures have specific customs that only apply to them. This is celebrated in honor of Jesus Christ. Since nobody knows exactly when…

How Do We Celebrate Christmas in Sweden

Food In Sweden one of the main foods is a ham with mustard. Almost every family has one on Christmas. In Sweden they also eat fish. The fish they have the most is freshly salted salmon or whitefish graavisiika. Another popular one is Swedish meatballs….

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