Different Traditions Of Christmas Holiday

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Every house has decorations, Christmas lights, and lanterns are seen everywhere. Children are doing caroling in every house. It’s with that moment you realize that December is getting near. It’s Christmas time again! One of the most awaited moments in December is the Christmas Vacation. It is the time where we can be free from all the workloads, school works, PeTas, and all. It is also the time where we can receive and give presents. And more importantly, it is where we can spend our time with our loved ones and thank God for another Christmas and another year to come.

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As Christmas vacation is approaching, there are many things that I want to do. So I have plans on how will I celebrate it. One of my plans is to hang out with my friends because I really miss them. Well, who wouldn’t miss their friends? After all the stressful days in school, it is now the time to catch up with them. I want to go to the mall or my friend’s house and there we will watch movies, eat, laugh, and talk about what happened to each one of us. I also want to do Christmas carol with them. Secondly, I want to get enough sleep this Christmas vacation to recover from all the sleepless nights caused by the school works and PeTas.

I also want to get cozy and watch a movie with my family. I would like to make up with them by spending my time and thank them for all the support that they have given me this school year. I also want to celebrate Christmas with my cousins, I will go to my relative's house to celebrate with them and of course to receive presents. Well, Christmas would not be completed without presents. Lastly, I will thank god for all the blessings that he gave to me.

Christmas holiday is a special day and it is loved by many people, young or old. It is the time where we can be thankful to God for giving us so much grace. It is also an opportunity to realize that true happiness are not from the presents or the material things that you will receive, instead you will see it in the grace of the gifts and wonders that our life has to offer and you will also feel it especially when you are celebrating it together with your love ones. The true meaning of Christmas is being able to be thankful in our lives even if we have encountered so much pain. Let us always remember that we should not hold grudges, instead let us spread the love with our fellowmen. 

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