How Do We Celebrate Christmas in Sweden

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In Sweden one of the main foods is a ham with mustard. Almost every family has one on Christmas. In Sweden they also eat fish. The fish they have the most is freshly salted salmon or whitefish graavisiika. Another popular one is Swedish meatballs. They make a bun called Lussekatter, and they serve it on December 13 for Saint Lucia Day. In Sweden there is a dish called Julgrot. It is rice pudding, but there is an almond baked inside of the dish. Whoever gets the almond will either find true love or get married in the next year. Some other great foods are revbensspjäll, janssons frestelse, rödkål, prinskorv, and knack.


In Sweden people celebrate Christmas on December 24. Also in Sweden during Christmas they put light up candles in every window of their home. There is a show called “Donald Duck and his friends wish you a Merry Christmas.” It is on at 3:00pm every Christmas Eve for the program. Christmas ends on January 13, that’s when people take their Christmas trees down. In Sweden they say God Jul for Merry Christmas. Every year since 1966 in Gavle there is a 43ft goat built out of straw. It takes two days to put up, and the inside is made of metal and the outside is made of straw.

Current Events in Sweden

A 90 year old woman was attacked on December 2nd, 2017. There was a woman arrested for suspected for her attempt murder. A siren system is tested all over Sweden on the first Monday of March, June, September, and December. The siren sounds like a ship’s horn as it leaves the port. On November 21 a man was arrested for a connection with a death of a 30 year old man. The man was shot during a car chase in Stockholm Sweden, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

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Christmas Decorating

In Sweden they put lights in every room and window. They do that because they try to light up the dark, Sweden winter. Instead of reindeer Sweden likes goats. The goats are made of straw and metal. They are also used as God Jul presents. They make straw ornaments like straw goats and straw reefs for their homes. They also use paper or metal stars to light up the winter darkness. They hang them through the cities and in windows of many rooms. They’ve used the star since around 1894. It represents the star to Bethlehem, and it starts on the first Sunday of Advent.

Family Travel Log

My family is from Joplin Stockholm Sweden. My grandpa’s grandpa was born in Sweden. Stockholm Sweden is the first airplane hotel. The royal national city park is the first of its kind.

My Personal Connection to the Heritage

I don’t know if anyone else from my family is from Sweden, all I know of is my great great grandpa. My great great grandpa’s name was William.William was born in Sweden, and all I know about him is that his middle name was August. My Sweden family is on my moms side.

Mapping my Family's Past

Sweden is a country that is in Northern Europe. It is also on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Egalitarian in nature, humble, and boasting ability. They speak soft and calmly to others. They also prefer to listen to others, instead of their own voice.

Christmas Worship

They celebrate on December 24, and they give their gifts. They also celebrate December 13. They celebrate December 13 because it’s Saint Lucia Day. They celebrate God Jul at churches. They also spend time with their family and friends at their homes.


Sweden is a great place to spend the holidays. There are a ton of great foods to try. I personally would love to see the 43ft straw goat. The Aroraborials would be so beautiful in the night sky. It might be cold, but it looks pretty anyways.

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