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Why Is Culture Important

Culture is the everyday life of a specific group of people. This includes their food, clothing, traditions, beliefs, language, manners, and many other things. It is very important to study culture. Studying culture is important because it reduces xenophobia, can reduce and prevent war, can...

Different Traditions Of Christmas Holiday

Every house has decorations, Christmas lights, and lanterns are seen everywhere. Children are doing caroling in every house. It’s with that moment you realize that December is getting near. It’s Christmas time again! One of the most awaited moments in December is the Christmas Vacation....

Racism During The Halloween Celebration

For my current events #4, I found an article by the New York Times, Discussing Halloween decorations that go far into racism. Halloween: Nooses and Blackface Decorations Prompt Backlash by Azi Paybarah, Oct. 25, 2019, “You’re in a community that is predominately black, yet you...

My Family Tradition: Thanksgiving Did Not Go As Planned

Tradition, the Latin word tradere, or in other words safekeeping. It can be an event where families sit down, travel, tell stories, wear masks, spiritual ceremony, a prayer to give thanks or simply having a big meal to their liking. It may also include: gifts,...

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