The Vietnamese Cultural Immersion with Personal Encounters

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Interesting things learned about the Vietnamese culture from the internet, readings, and media search. From the readings done in regards to Vietnamese culture, I have realised that Vietnam is a country that has a strong and rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years ago. A lot of information about Vietnamese culture is available in books, internet, and media sources.

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Mathew Pike, (2018); is one of the writers that have provided massive information about Vietnamese culture in the internet. From the massive information provided some of the interesting things that I learned about the culture are that Vietnamese people care too much about their appearances and the image they create about themselves in their friends, family members and the society as a whole. They strive to do everything possible to save their face in the eyes of other people something that makes them to live a bondage-like life Mathew Pike, (2018). They find it hard expressing themselves for fear of being misjudged. Another shocking revelation about Vietnamese culture is that they believe in ghosts and in their country, coming into contact with a ghost is not a strange thing but rather an ordinary thing. According to Vuong, et al., (2018); I also noted and got surprised of how religion is deep- rooted in the Vietnamese culture as a majority of cultural believes and actions are religious based. Also, it is a culture for the Vietnamese people to offer different types of sacrifices a way of keeping a close contact with the spiritual world.

According to a scholarly article by Nguyen, (2013); I learned an interesting thing about the Vietnamese culture that parents are custodian of the culture. It is the duty of the parents in Vietnam to teach their children about the culture particularly the values and virtues as a means of making sure that the culture would not come to an end but rather passed from one generation to the other. From a scholarly article by; Endres, (2016); I learned an interesting thing that Vietnamese culture is among the least cultures around the world that have not been influenced by the western culture. The reason is that up to date, Vietnamese weddings are done in a traditional manner and it is the most valued occasion that has never lost meaning and importance among the Vietnamese people.

The second part is about group encounter and the third part will be about individual encounter and synthesis. It is likely that the project will not be a smooth sail. One of the anticipated challenges in the group encounter is lack of adequate corporation something that is expected to hinder the project completion timeline that has been set. The second challenge is lack of consistency in the information that will be received because when dealing with a number of people, it is likely that areas of interest will different from one group member to the other. On the individual encounter and synthesis, the main possible challenge will be handling all the tasks required for a successful completion of the project.

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