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TikTok and Other Social Media: Protection of Children from Online World

Growing up in a time where everything is going digital and learning to shift from manual parenting to a technologically savvy approach can be a balancing act. Raising children in the digital age of social media taking over all major industries is a whole other...

The Effectiveness of Different Trends on TikTok and Other Social Media

Music has a fundamental social dimension, it's part of its DNA. At the same time art, form of entertainment and means of expression, it accompanies us collectively in different contexts: the artists occur in public, we attend concerts with friends, teenagers gather (among others) according...

TikTok, Social Media and Its Usage: The Effects on Mental Health

Abstract: Nowadays social media plays a vital role in everyone’s lifestyle because of its ease of transmission of information which covers mass population. It provides facility of such platforms on which each one of us can update anything in a way that others can see...

TikTok: Powerful Perceptions Through Consumption of Media

In our current day and age, the use of the internet and social media is inescapable. It seems that every other reference relates to something that was seen on an app or online. These new platforms have given our society new lenses to view the...

The Issue of Child Grooming on TikTok and Other Social Media

With TikTok the age restriction is also thirteen years of age. However, in relation to this all forms of social media have a minimum age requirement if it is discovered an individual(s) has set up a social media account while underage it can be deleted...

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