Essay Samples on Fake News

The Problem of Current Newspaper Reporting

In this modern age, a change in newspaper reporting is needed. Why? Imagine a world where newspapers are allowed to report whatever they wanted. Imagine a reporter following your every step while creating absurd headlines, exaggerating the real truth of what you’re actually doing. One…

Fake News: Internet Influence and Rise in Popularity

Fake news are false stories with untrue or fake information which are spread on the internet, or using other media, in order to mislead people with lies or incomplete stories. Some people might call this false news, propaganda, disinformation, yellow journalism or conspiracy theories. Fake…

Dangers of Misinformation Influenced by Fake News

Over the past decades, social media has become a major component in the modern human society. We tend to use this technology for both entertainment as well as acknowledging news around the world. While news can bring us precise and realistic information regarding the world…

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