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Reflections On Personal Intercultural Experience

Intercultural experience has introduced me to new ideas, revealed layers of concepts I was previously familiar with, and modified my original perceptions of particular notions. The course has allowed me to re-establish my feelings, thoughts, and opinions comprehensively, by encouraging reflection on my instinctive communicative...

An Interview Of The Person From Another Culture

For this Culture Interview project, I interviewed a 43-year-old co-worker (not named to respect her wishes) who lived in China for fifteen years; however, she now currently living here in America. Examples of Norms Norms are rules developed for appropriate behavior based on specific values...

Adaptation To The Culture In Acculturation

People acquire the necessary components of language, customs, and values of their new cultural environment. Managing one’s identification with host and ethnic cultures are required for survival and functioning in the receiving society (Chen, Benet-Martinez, Wu, Lam & Bond, 2013). This report aims to measure...

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