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The Pattern of Korean Migration to Philippines

Looking at it from a national-level perspective, Kutsumi (2004), studies the formation of social organization and offers some estimates of the magnitude of Korean migration to the whole of the Philippines. Using data obtained from the Annual Report of Statistics on Immigration and Emigration Control…

Destination Image Of Ho Chi Minh City By Korean Tourists

During the past few decades, destination image (DI) has been extensively defined in literature from a psychological perspective. In the tourism literature, destination image has been defined by a range of specific keywords, as mental impressions, knowledge, beliefs, expectations, ideas, perceptions, and emotional thoughts of…

My Tour Of The Korean DMZ

The Korean DMZ is a 2.5-mile wide border that spans the 160-mile long peninsula between North and South Korea. Leading up to WWII, the Japanese controlled the Korean peninsula. Later, the area was predominantly communist with hopes of expanding throughout the entire area. However, that…

The Crucial Aspects Of South Korean Business

Introduction As the international affairs officer for Fontana Technologies, I was tasked with the responsibility of determining what country would be best suited for our 2019 expansion. After analyzing a number of socioeconomic components, South Korea is the location that compliments the needs as well…

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