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Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Industry

To understand what actually is cultural appropriation is we need to know what culture meaning is. Definition of the word culture is “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” When those specific things have been stolen from one culture or...

The Debates Around Cultural Appropriation and the Value of Appreciating the Cultures of Others

Culture, a word that has a valuable meaning for everyone but not everyone appreciates it. “After evidencing there is not a clear, plain, unitary idea of what ‘culture’ means in these yearly published reports” (Telleria, 2014), but it is something that people use to identify...

Commodification of Hindu Culture: Appropriation in Rishikesh and an influx of Yoga Tourists

Abstract This paper examines the city of Rishikesh as a sample space and argues that culture and its devices are commodified at a magnified level through westernisation and appropriation of “exotic” hindu elements. This paper is a qualitative study inclusive of both primary and secondary...

How American Popular Music Has Misappropriated American Indian Culture

Pop culture is a unique combination of authentic cultures and a mass product. In other words, it is a diversified industry in which long-standing traditions of different nations and nationalities successfully exist, which are integrated into modern music and visual trends. Unfortunately, this musical course...

The Importance of Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Evidence 1 – Undermines the culture Indigenous people have fought to preserve for decades and strips it of its significance. Suffering from centuries worth of genocide, Indigenous people continue to fight to preserve their culture and traditions. However, appropriation has led to the modernization of...

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