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Gender Roles In The Chauvinistic Society

The advert I have chosen is a poster from World War 2. Featuring a color illustration of an attractive young woman dressed in olive-coloured work clothes, gazing happily and fondly at a piece of machinery. Up until the First World War, society had well defined...

The Feminist Point Of View For Wife Of Bath 

In the Prologue section of “The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath” by Geoffrey Chaucer, The Wife of Bath paints a complicated picture of a medieval woman to the readers. As it explains how the Wife of Bath is not ashamed of her sexual exploits...

The Romantic Hero Gender Politics In The Sorrows Of Young Werther By Goethe

Rebellion against the society and an absolute idea of self are characteristics associated with the Romantic Hero. They are in constant conflict with the society and the prescribed norms, yet they fall victim to the social system of ‘patriarchy’. While fighting against power structures and...

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