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Gender Standardization and Panopticism Surveillance in Our Society

Abstract The society we live in has dominated our thoughts and thinking process by standardizing us in the name of gender, sex and other traditional rituals followed by generations. The power exercised by the society in the name of gender and the techniques exerted to...

Character Analysis of Volumnia from Coriolanus in the Original Text and Its Adaptation

The legendary actress, Vanessa Redgrave, following the releasing of Coriolanus, on her interpretation of her characterization and in specifics her obvious demonstration of a martial characteristic and political power. When casting for the role of Volumnia in Ralph Fiennes production of Coriolanus, what is it...

Role of Gender Performativity Theory in Communications

Throughout past and current history, we have been able to analyze the way individuals have evolved into these incredible human beings. This could not have been possible without the proper use and analysis of different theories. The key to understanding humans and our fascinating abilities...

Anti-Essentialism of Judith Butler's Idea of Gender Performativity 

Daisy Mae Melissa Smith Judith Butler, born in 1956, she is a prominent American philosopher and figure in third wave feminism. Butlers work on Gender is an exploration of how gender is formed or exists. Is gender a preexisting entity we have a natural instinctual...

Issues of Feminine Performativity and Equality inSport

In this essay I will examine how feminine performativity is shown in sport. There has always been some discrimination when you think female being involved in sport. Whether it be by what sport females are participating in or how they look and dress or even...

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