Essay Samples on Social Media

What Happened to Myspace and Is It Still Active

Once a social networking site dies, old user would naturally find alternatives in other platforms. Same can be said for Myspace which was one of those sites that once occupied the topmost position, only to later fall behind as more innovative social networking sites came…

Merchants of Doubt: Confusing Science on Media

Author Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway are historians in fields of science and science and technology, respectively. Oreskes’ work concerns climate change and more specifically the inconsistencies between scientific works and the way it is presented on media platforms and specifically how lay persons receive…

Hate Speech In Internet

The online hate speech is a branch of the more general concept of hate speech, and because of its rapid and constant development, it is extremely difficult to keep it under control. The double-edged weapon of online communication is the incredible ease with which one…

Hate Speech in Everyday Life

Hate speech is a result of anger, and it is the use of hateful words on the inability of a person or minority. Sometimes this type of speech is used against a race or group, sex orientation, or religion. Hate speech can use through social…

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