Ayman Hariri - The Vero CEO & Lebanese Billionaire

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Ayman Hariri - the Vero CEO and Lebanese billionaire

Vero is projected as one of the most successful apps of 2018. And mastermind of this huge success is Ayman Hariri who is the Vero CEO and Lebanese billionaire. Since 2008, Facebook, the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has led the success of social networks. But in this year 2018, the supremacy of the technological giant which also involves Instagram, could be in danger because of the amazing growth of Vero. The application has acquired 3 million users in just a couple of months and it is still counting.

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Ayman Hariri (Vero CEO) is 40 years old, married and the father of three children. He is the second-youngest son of business tycoon Rafic Hariri. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Hariri is also an investor. Its injections of capital into emerging companies are made through its Red Sea Ventures fund, which to date has invested in 30 startups, including the manufacturer of home devices Nest Labs which Google acquired in 2014.

But who is Hariri and what does he intend? Ayman is the third son of Rafiq Hariri, former prime minister of Lebanon in five different terms, a great friend and political protege of Jacques Chirac and killed by Hezbollah on February 14, 2005. His older brother, Saad, is the current successor of his father. But Ayman - who even rented one of his properties from the Chiracs when they left the Elysee - was less interested in politics than in computer science: he graduated in computer science at Georgetown.

Early Life of Ayman Hariri

Although the career his father had designed for him was more boring: Ayman's role was to hold a position in Saudi Oger, one of the largest construction companies in Saudi Arabia - with whose royal Rafiq family he had excellent relations - and the origin of the great fortune of the Hariri family since its foundation in 1978 (precisely the year Ayman was born). Ayman resided in Riyad for almost a decade, serving as vice president and technology director. The corruption and inefficiency that had been weighing on the company for decades had finally led to bankruptcy in the summer of last year. Ayman had left the company years before, to undertake the adventure of Vero, more according to their tastes, supported by the great inheritance of his father, which included shares in the main Turkish teleco and the Arab Bank of Jordan.

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