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Everyone who is a big fan of online PC games must be aware of Discord. This is a VoIP based chat application which is being used by maximum number of people these days. Discord has gained a huge admiration as there are not many apps that allow the gamers to chat and communicate with their co- players. It works both on mobiles as well as desktops and various platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac and Android devices.

Some unique features of Discord includes:

a. Free voice and text messages can be sent and friends remain in- touch.

b. The technology applied in this software consists noise suppression, automatic gain control, echo cancellation, modern jitter buffer etc.

c. Various multimedia messages such as pictures and videos can also be sent through this software apart from text messages.

Despite such appreciations and popularity for its user interface, performance and rapport, this app has got some drawbacks that people suffer. Sometimes the Discord app shows ‘Discord won’t open’ error. After double clicking on the executable file, nothing actually happens. And even though it opens in some systems, a plain background is the only visible part on your screen. Well, don’t be disheartened, you’re in luck. There is a solution to this problem and issue. Check ‘em out.

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Solution 1: Killing task from Task Manager

Generally the issue is that the app is actually running in the background but not visible or it seems that it hasn’t started. This issue can be simply solved by locating the app, pausing the process and restarting the complete app.

Follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Pressing and holding all the three keys together, viz. CTRL+ SHIFT+ ESC. will open Task Manager.
  2. Selecting the Process tab.
  3. Finding discord.exe and selecting it from the list by scrolling.
  4. Clicking End Task.
  5. If there are more than one discord.exe, repeat the same process for each discord.exe.
  6. After completion, closing the Task Manager and relaunch the app is the next and last step. Most probably the app will work properly thereafter.

Solution2: Task Kill

There is a simple way for task kill.

  1. Hold and pess Windows key + R
  2. Press enter after typing cmd.
  3. Press enter after typing taskkill /F /IM discord.exe
  4. Once this is done, everything works normally as you relaunch the discord app.

This method has a longer process, in case the above mentioned did not help.

  1. Firstly, press and hold Windows key+ R and next type cmd.exe in the run field.
  2. The next window that opens in front of you is Command Prompt where you have to enter taskkill/F/IM discord.exe.
  3. This move launches discord app.
  4. As the window opens, close or minimize the rest of the programs which you see running in the background.
  5. Now press and hold Windows+ R keys to uninstall the Discord app/ software.
  6. In the run window, type %appdata% and click OK.
  7. Delete everything by finding the Discord folder.
  8. Reboot the system and install the application once again.
  9. Open the Taskbar option from Dekstop menu.
  10. Access the Process tab and simply end all the procedures identified with discord.exe.
  11. After launching the application again, go to C Drive.
  12. Type C:UsersLanglyAppDataRoamingdiscordCache in address bar.
  13. Skip the process and launch the discord.
  14. Now navigate- C:ProgramData%USERNAME%Discord

This is another way to fix Discord. Let’s look at another way of fixing the Discord application error.

Solution 3: Web version Log In

Cookies create a lot of problems sometimes and at times the Discord doesn’t open because of them. So this problem can be resolved by simply signing in from the web version. Using the Windows web version is the cure for many systems. Running and signing in the Discord app on web version is a solution. This usually resets the account and it starts without any problem.

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