Different Levels and Rules in Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

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This is my essay on communications. I will be addressing the following questions that will be stated at the start of each paragraph, and closed with a concluding paragraph. I will do my best to go into detail on each of the questions, and share my insight and knowledge on each topic. Keeping in mind I'm no professional at communication and still have a lot to work on, this essay is held open to feedback and interpretation, as I'm looking forward to any ways I can improve my communication skills and so forth. Now that I don't believe there's any further messages for me to disclose before we begin, let's start.

What is Communication? Communication is the the act of relaying verbal or non verbal information to another party; whether it be another person, a group of people, or an entire audience. The goal is to get this information across while following the set rules which will be mentioned later on. Communicating also isn't just talking, but it is also listening. Listening is just as important, because you can't gain information to talk about with listening and learning to what others have to share and what they have to say. A last thing to say about communication is there is always ways for you to improve, and there's no way to consider yourself perfect. (I talk about this more later.)

What are the different Levels of Communication? There are five levels of communication that are widely used. Verbal, physical, auditory level, emotional and energetic. When we bring together these five levels of communication, the speech or information we're sharing becomes complex, and gives it more depth. These levels of communication allow you to connect with the audience more, and can really help you get your point across if used well. I won't be writing entirely about these levels, because we would be here all day, but each of them are distinct and different from each-other that makes them easy to tell apart, and even easier to recognize.

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What are the Rules of Communication? Main rules of communication usually follow the pillars of communication. This makes sure that whatever you're communicating is effective, and it doesn't leave space for loopholes. The following are the pillars: Clear , Concise , Objective , Consistent , Complete , Relevant and Understanding of Audience Knowledge. I would touch on each of these if I had more space, but this essay is going to be incredibly long already. Long story short, if your information fits each of these pillars, then it will be effective. If there's points you are lacking, then that will be noted when the other party hears your speech or information.

What is the Difference Between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication? The difference between verbal and non-verbal communication is how the information is communicated. Verbal communication is usually talking; someone giving a speech or making some sort of sound to convey whatever information that needs to be conveyed and processed. Non-Verbal communication is a way of communicating without sound. This could be through body language or movement, or through reading something and not actually hearing it. It is better for some situations, but worse for others. There is no better way of communication between the two, as it's entirely subjective.

What are effective listening skills? Effective listening skills truly depend on the person and what works best for them, but there are a few standard methods. There's eye contact, which can show you are listening to the conversation (rather than looking like you're distracted) and asking questions can also show that you're listening. Asking questions about the topic being discussed shows that you are actively listening, care about the topic, and want to know more. Body language also actively plays into this, because if you look closed off, distracted or can't really sit still, It seems like you could care less about what they have to say.

How can we communicate better with others? The first thing is we always have to keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and that goes for communication too. Nobody is perfect at communication, and there will always be room for improvement; once you get that out of the way things become easier. Ask for things such as feedback on your speeches and presentations. You will never know who people take in the information you are communicating if you don't ask. Taking the feedback and using it to develop the way you communication and your overall abilities is probably the biggest help you can get.

After reading my different points, I hope that you have a decent understanding about what I perceive as communication, and my opinion of what I consider the qualifications of communication. Keeping in mind that everyone sees communication differently, I hope this was easy to understand and I made this essay as clear and concise as possible. I still have a lot of learning to do, and there is so much I still have the ability to improve when it comes to communication, but I can now use this essay to remind myself where I currently am. 

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