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The Catastrophic 2023 Floods in Nova Scotia and the Call for Climate Resilience

Devastating Floods Strike Nova Scotia In late July 2023, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia experienced devastating flooding after three months' worth of rain fell over the course of a single day. Beginning on the evening of July 21st, the downpour inundated streets, forced widespread...

Jeddah'S Environmental Disaster And King Abdullah'S Solutions

Background: The weather in Saudi Arabia is dessert-like, and it is almost hot around the year especially in July. The average temperature in summer is about 45Ā° C and annual rainfall is very low. In this paper, I will discuss an environmental disaster that happened...

The Importance Of Flood Insurance And Proper Preparation

The effects of a natural disaster far outweigh the damage to the infrastructure of a building done by a wrecking ball. There are many natural disasters occurring on Earth today. Many people have lost their lives due to lack of preparedness or lack of knowledge...

Outburst Flood in SkeiĆ°ararsandur, Iceland: Sedimentation And Landscape Recovery

The November 1996 jƶkulhlaup that emerged from the Vatnajƶkull ice cap onto Skeiưararsandur was the highest-magnitude flood ever recorded on the largest active glacial outwash plain. Introduction Outburst floods, also known as jƶkulhlaup, are examples of high magnitude, low frequency sudden releases of massive amounts...

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