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The Phenomenon Of Cultural Competence In Social Work

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Social work is a discipline that is dedicated to serving the needs of all individuals and communities with a focus on the poor and vulnerable. Social work in doing so, adheres to various ethics and principles that guide the practitioners to assist optimal outcomes for...

Understanding The Definition and Theory of Cultural Competence

Culture consists of the shared, non-biological, learned components of a group. Culture gives meaning to things and is symbolic, such as language as a shared source of meaning among a group. It is also holistic and integrated, implying that it consists of a system of...

The Competence of Cultural Practices in Puerto Rico and Syria Cultures

Culture awareness can improve health outcomes and quality of care if the meaning of culture is understood. So, what is culture, (Wolters Kluwer, Fundamentals of Nursing, 2019. pg.81) defines culture as a shared system of beliefs, values, and behavioral expectations that provide social structure for...

Communicative Competence and Challenges of Call Center Agents

Communication plays a very important role in the lives of the people. As a matter of fact, according to Brennan (1974), the ability to communicate helps people to build relationships. Moreover, they need to communicate in order for them for them to sustain the relationship...

The Impact of Cultural Diversity and Competence on Speech Therapy Treatment

Literature Review “Multiculturalism is often used to refer to one or more particular minority, racial, and/or ethnic groups in the United States” (Stockman, Boult, & Robinson, 2004). Using the word ‘multicultural’ refers to the wide range of co-existing cultural groups within society. Due to the...

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