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The Identity of Chinese-American in Amy Tan's Fish Cheeks

Being Chinese-American often means being torn between balancing both cultures to form an identity so they feel like they fit in. Some Chinese-American might feel like they aren’t part of either Chinese or American, and others share feelings of displacement and frustration. Spiritual development lacks...

Chinese Political Revolution Led by Mao Zedong

China’s political reform is not the political system reform understood by many Western scholars, which does not involve the change of the basic political framework, but a reform focusing on government governance or government management system. The Chinese path is characterized not only by its...

Chinatown in Toronto, Multicultural Megalopolis

Toronto is widely known for its multicultural diversity. There are many different cultures which have resided in this city, creating ethnic enclaves throughout. Throughout this essay, I will specifically be focusing on changes occurring within Chinatown. Toronto consists of many Chinatowns that have been removed,...

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