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Compare and Contrast: the British Isles vs the United Kingdom

The British Isles is a region off the northwest coast of Europe, but not actually considered to be a part of the European continent. This region sits in the Atlantic Ocean and consists of one main island and one smaller island, with smaller islands surrounding...

Exploring the Link Between British Culture and Economic Success

O'riordan categorized values in many types as for instance business values, political values, and spiritual values and so on. However, business values are the most relatively greater strengths. In modern Britain, affected by industrial recession, wherever concern over jobs and growth seems to dominate public...

British Fashion: the Rich and Complex History of 20th Century

Fashion is one of the most influential aspects of society and it has undergone colossal historical change, in particular British Women’s fashion. The 20th century was a transformative era in British fashion, marked by radical changes in clothing styles and designs. Women's fashion, in particular,...

The British History: Why Most British Admire Churchill Personality

Churchill’s speech to Parliament during the World War II is now legendary, and his radio address to the nation is legendary. 'We will defend our homeland at all costs,' he declared in a famous speech, ' It is to wage war, by sea, land and...

British Thinking: Characteristics That Separate Us From Americans

Before I studied in the United States, I never realized that there are many obvious characteristics of our British people. Our way of thinking is also different from that of the United States. In a word, the most important characteristic is to use two words...

An Overview of Long-Lasting Impact of British Colonialism on India

As defined by Webster’s Encyclopaedic as Colonialism is that the policy of a nation seeking to increase or retain its authority over people or territories. The British Raj did it around the all part of the world. Hence, people quoted it as there was no...

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