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The Mexican Drug War: Main Problems

In 2007, the Mexican Drug Cartel controlled 90% of the Cocaine brought to the United States. Cocaine, however, doesn’t come without its close relatives, violence and death. The Mexican War on Drugs is as much a concern to the United States as it is to...

Social Challenges Of A Mexican Culture

Today, currently we live in a society were hatred seems to be in the spotlight within our diverse communities. As we all know immigration has been a compelling argument for the past couple of years and has been causing major setbacks for the United States....

Education Problem Facing Mexican Americans

Introduction The Mexican Americans are Americans of full or partial Mexican descent. They comprise 11.5% of the united states population. History shows Mexicans have continuously been discriminated against in many social issues. One of the social issues is education whereby they experience a poorly integrated...

The Goals Of Mexican Revolution

Revolutions are supposed to bring changes, but do you think the Mexican Revolution was truly useful? Civil wars have occurred throughout history, trying to achieve a change, either a positive or a negative. For example, we have the Russian Revolution, where the Bolsheviks, led by...

Vibrant Culture , Community And Customs Of Mexico

Mexico has many cultural traditions, a lot of history, and a big population of people and land mass. Mexico is known for the amazing sights, the incredible food, and family oriented traditions. Mexico is a rapid growing country that is run by states and a...

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