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How The United States Deals With Minorities

Dear American Public, I write to you today to tell you about the current state of affairs in this nation and how America is not the greatest country in the world. Throughout American history, anti-racism and segregation ideologies and institutions have always targeted the minorities...

Cultural Diversity of Vietnamese People

Vietnam is located on the eastern edge of the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam boarders the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and the Pacific Ocean to its east. To the west is Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, with china to the north. While Vietnamese is the only...

The Vietnamese Cultural Immersion with Personal Encounters

Interesting things learned about the Vietnamese culture from the internet, readings, and media search. From the readings done in regards to Vietnamese culture, I have realised that Vietnam is a country that has a strong and rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years...

McDonald’s Struggles with the Vietnamese Local Competitors

Executive Summary In February 2014, the most famous fast food brand in the world, McDonald’s, officially entered the Vietnamese market. Starting its first location in the biggest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, McDonald’s made a great start with thousands of visits by Vietnamese...

Cross-Linguistics Between Vietnamese and English in Bilingual Participants

Abstract Currently, in the United States, there are approximately 2 million Vietnamese-Americans. There is a shift in the relative language dominance from the first language (L1) to the second language (L2) of immigrant populations that have come to the United States (Tang, M.G., 2007). Maintaining...

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