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Analysis Of German Culture And Political System

In the United States, we have Germany to thank for many things we use every day. The Christmas tree, freeways, pretzels, bratwursts, and even Pilsner-styled beer are just a few things common in the United States all thanks to Germany. Classical music’s greatest hit-makers were...

German Identity Ingrained in Goethe's Architecture

Christianity began to gain momentum in Europe as the main religion. This called for the European lifestyles to match the momentum created. Buildings had to be bigger, larger, and taller than ever before. This required new architectural techniques in order to fulfill the new demand...

German Culture: Mental and Physical Health Report

German culture is a culture of massive size. Germany sits in the middle of Europe and its population size is second in the entire continent. When speaking of the economy itself it’s the fifth largest in the world. (Zimmerman, 2015) German immigration to America started...

The Congress of Vienna and the German Confederation

The year is 1815. Napoleon has finally been defeated by the combined forces of Prussia and Britain. The Emperor of France was sent to the Pacific Island of Saint Helena, never to return. After the fall of Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna was called, a...

Prejudice to Germans in America, Based on the Real-life Encounter

Prior to my interview with Klimt, I did my own research on Hofstede Insights’ website on the differences between Germany and the United States. I was surprised with how similar we are on many levels, but there were two differences that were predominantly different: individualism...

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