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Human Sexuality: General Topics and Trends

Firstly, this essay introduces us with a generic definition and outline of the term “Sexuality”, which adds clarity to the following discourse and transmits context to the reader before introducing other, more complex ideas. Following this, there is a focus on theorist Michel Foucault, who...

Polyamory: Bisexuality and Open Intimate Relationships

There are probably two types of 'misunderstandings' about bisexuality that are more common: undefined and uncommitted. On the first kind: heterosexual discrimination against homosexuals, and homosexual discrimination against 'bi', are 'disrespect for the individual's self-judgment' performance. Just as some homo may think it is a...

The Experience of Coming Out and Accepting Bisexuality

In my early years of childhood, growing up I always sensed that I might not be heterosexual, with crushes on both male and females. At the age of 12 I remembered learning about bisexuality and had a sudden feeling of happiness – I finally felt...

Criticisms of Weinberg's Model of Understanding Own Bisexuality

Weinberg et al. (1994) applied this theory's concept and found that people were going through several steps to reach a bisexual orientation. Originally, individuals encountered uncertainty about emotions and behaviors. Next the person identifies and starts to apply the 'bisexuality' tag and soon begins to...

Bisexual People’s Disclosure Experience to Their Families

“Analyzing qualitative data from 45 bisexual individuals, we examine 2 questions: (a) How do cultural representations of bisexuality influence disclosure experiences in families and family members’ reactions and (b) how do the relationships among family members influence the disclosure process?’ This is the exact statement...

Study on The Effects of Microaggression on the Bisexual Women

Introduction Everyday, minorities are faced with discrimination and prejudice that deteriorates their mental health. Certain groups such as bisexual women are especially vulnerable to these confrontations known as microaggressions, which are characterized as verbal attacks and harassment. Whether it be implicit or explicit, these comments...

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