Essay Samples on Transgender

LGBTQ Pride Acceptance in Taiwan

The word “pride” has become a buzzword that many people from the millennial generation have rather owned. Synonymous to accomplishments with the LGBTQ community, the idea of pride becoming a proactive stance on same-sex marriage is now a reality for a few lucky countries across…

Minuses Of Single Sex Schools

There is no real proof that if you go to an single sex school that it will be beneficial for you. One may believe that it can help you pay attention, give you a better advantage in life, but really it doesn’t prepare you for…

Transgender Surgery and Care from the View of Bioethics

Transgender surgery, also referred to as gender reassignment surgery, is associated with the psychiatric disorder called gender identity disorder. However, while there are psychological components attached to desiring this type of surgery because of the disorder, there are also bioethical considerations that present with the…

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