Why Single Sex Schools Are Not Beneficial For Students

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There is no real proof that if you go to an single sex school that it will be beneficial for you. One may believe that it can help you pay attention, give you a better advantage in life, but really it doesn't prepare you for real life situations, and it doesn’t let you make mistakes with opposite sex that you would make going to a regular school. Therefore, I have decided that I would not want to go to an all girls school. When parent’s sign there children up for a single sex school they believe that it will help them be focused and dedicated to learning, but there is no real proof that says that it will. In Fact in certain cases the kids grades have decline from when they were in regular school. As a result, Of their grades declining or having no change a lot of kids go back to regular school.

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When going to a single gender school it doesn't prepare for real life situation with the opposite gender like if you went to a regular school. For example they do not show the students how to cooperate with the opposite sex because they aren’t able to because of the type of school. Another reason being as to why not to go to a single-sex school is that they also discriminate their transgender students.

Many transgender students have called out these same sex schools saying that they don’t fit their needs well. Also these transgender pupils are rejected from these schools when they apply just because they are transgender. In addition to all of this these transgender pupils have said they have a negative experience when attending these same gender schools because they feel unwanted and not supported and they get bullied.

Most people say that going to a same sex school will make the integration into society a struggle.When these students from a single-sex school try to make a living in the real world the real coed world they most likely struggle. The reason being as to why they struggle is because they have no experience on how to deal with the coed society. These students will also will not have any experience with gender inequality and that the men are dominant in this society. Another part of this is that they might not work well with men because they have had no experience with cooperating with men. Most people would rather decide on not having single-sex schools period.

Personally though I wouldn’t want to go to a single-sex school because I would need interaction with the opposite sex so I would know how to handle men in the coed world. Also I would not want to feel like they are singling out women because men think women are not as smart as them. Additionally, I would not want to go to a school that discriminates others Based on if they were a girl or a boy that doesn’t matter what matters is what they are now. Also going to an all girls schools is not beneficial in any way because they don’t teach challenging things to the girls but they teach the challenging things to the boys. Finally I wouldn’t think that these schools are good for anyone and most people argue that they are useless and make no sense.

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