Comparison Of Single-Sex Education And Co-Education

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“Six- and seven-year-olds overwhelmingly think men are inherently smarter than women.” - (TIME, 2017). Why would first graders have this prejudice? Fifty years ago, education was only for boys. For a long period after, people started to have a biased opinion that boys go to school because they are smarter, and has more power. Even though we are currently in 2018, and the elements of education have changed over time, gender discrimination is still a common phenomenon in school. However, would there be “gender” discrimination in single-sex schools? In this essay, I will clarify why single-gender schools are better than coed schools.

First of all, students get extremely distracted by the other gender. The result of a research made by the UCLA Center for Mental Health was that the behavior towards the opposite sex changes because he or she, or even a group is watching. The author of the article stated that peer attitudes toward the opposite sex differ in the early years of school because of biological development. This means that some students want their crush or just the opposite gender to have an image of themselves. They would only be caring about how they look like when they are either presenting or participating in activities at school. In addition, a study made from Australia of 270,000 students from mixed-gender schools found out that both boys and girls performed way higher on tests when they started to attend single-sex schools. Those results were the same in Korea. A study showed that These results prove that mixed-sex education is resistance for students improving their knowledge and maximizing their academic abilities

Secondly, girls and boys have a difference in their growth. The fact that majority of the girls start brain connections earlier than boys tell that their mindsets will be different at school. However, one of the reasons school exists is to make students learn social skills and get trustworthy friends. If students have difficulty finding friends that are suitable for them, they would have to be with the ones they don’t fit with, or even would be alone. Majority of the teenagers get very stressed about their relationship with friends, and stress can affect their growth too. Furthermore, stress can lead to sleep problems, depression, and obesity, which stops the students having a balanced life. For example, In case of these situations, it is better to have more students of the same gender so that there are more opportunities to find reliable friends.

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