Essay Samples on Gender

Gender Bias as a Tool to Victimize Women

The notion of equality is considered as an inseparable human right which should not be discriminated by religion, gender, race, and ethnicity. Following Burton’s Legal Thesaurus (2007), Gender bias means unequal treatment in job opportunities (such as promotion, pay, advantages, and privileges) and expectations based…

Gender Sensitization and Its Importance for Rape Victims

Introduction Gender Sensitization involves creating awareness about gender issues and working towards and creating an enabling environment of gender justice where men and women can work together with a sense of personal security and dignity. Gender sensitization is not about putting women against men but…

Concept of Intersectionality and Community Engagement

Intersectionality Originally introduced as a concept to challenge a feminist analysis which spotlighted a woman’s gender experience while seemingly rendering invisible and irrelevant her other experiences and realities intersectionality is now used to better understand the plight of various marginalized groups and individuals. Intersectionality plays…


In particular, Eudine Barriteau mentions that, ‘gender relations encode and often mask unequal power relations between women and men and between women and the state. In other words, often what is understood as, “that is how Caribbean man stay”, or “is a woman what you…

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