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The Philosophical Term Altruism in Psychology

The term altruism, benevolence, compassion empathy, fellow feeling, sympathy and love (despite distinctions among them) all that refer to behavior that has it’s aim to produce, maintain or improve the physical or psychological welfare and integrity of another persons. The term describe the behavior that...

Augustus: Altruistic Autocrat and Generous Emperor

The rise of the Roman Empire was a turbulent period following Augustus’s triumph in the Battle of Actium when he became the first Roman emperor (McKay 155-156). Augustus narrates his transformation of Rome from republic to autocracy in his autobiography Res Gestae. Upon investigating this...

Empathy and Altruism in Response to Disasters

In 2018, 315 natural disasters were recorded, with over 68 million people affected and approximately 12,000 deaths (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 2018). Comparisons show that the number of disasters has significantly increased over the past 25 years (Than, 2005). On 2nd...

Altruism: Childhood, Adolescents, Adulthood & Old Age

Introduction Altruism is defined as the voluntary manner intended to benefit a person(s) without expecting external rewards (Millon, 2003). Altruism in the simplest form can be explained as an action or behaviour that is aimed at benefiting another person .Its origin comes from the French...

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