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Polygamy As The Opposite Of Monogamy And Tradition

The depiction of the difficult circumstances and position of the African woman was well revealed by Mariama Ba, who illustrates the reality of the multiwives as an oppressed group with no power. Mariama Ba’s depiction has opened a critical inquiry about the natural form of...

Monogamy And Polygamy: No Wrong Way To Love

Introduction: There is no single evolutionary pathway that results in social monogamy; rather, it has evolved separately across mammalian species (as reviewed by French et al., 2018). Social monogamy describes multiple factors, including spatial proximity of a male-female pair, exclusion of strangers, biparental care, and...

Polygamy Isn't the Main Problem In Society

What is your sentiment toward the polygamous family? what do you speculate toward the kids that lived in a polygamous family and women that are been in a polygamous family? polygamy is commonly defined as a martial system in which one man is married concurrently...

Polygamy: Features and Disadvantages of this Marriage Strategy

Polygamy is a mating strategy or marriage structure which involves a male having multiple female partners. Polygamy is the prevalent mating strategy of 95-97% of mammalian species, within these species males provide little to no investment in their offspring and seek as many mates as...

Polygamy: Common Practice in Many Countries

Introduction Polygamy is basically a practice or custom which gives a man a right to have more than one wives.This is a common practice in many countries. In ayub khan era, an ordinance was passed on 2nd march 1961 and it is known as Family...

Pros and Cons of Polygamy Life in Marriage

Problems of Polygamy Polygamy is a social phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years in cultures around the world. It was born of 'necessity' or a show of wealth. It made sense for one man to mate with many women in order to have...

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