Pros and Cons of Polygamy Life in Marriage

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Problems of Polygamy

Polygamy is a social phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years in cultures around the world. It was born of 'necessity' or a show of wealth. It made sense for one man to mate with many women in order to have many children. That insured survival and the continuation of the human species. In some cultures, women and children were (and are) property. The more you had, the more money you had. Nowadays, many people practice it, and make it an acceptable choice of lifestyle but they are unaware about its bad effects. Clearly, polygamy can satisfy the inherent desire of men to have sex and procreate in rapid succession but This could harm men's development if he wasn’t able to control it. God gave us an ego and the ability to think. He gave us the willpower to control our desires. That’s how we differ from the animals, not by repudiating sex, but by controlling our sexual desires for the betterment of society. Philosophers have been telling us for hundreds of years that sex is like a fire and if not controlled can be as destructive as it is creative. This is very important to avoid an obsession with sexuality and a distraction from other important elements of life. Yet, polygamy allows men to let their sexual impulses lose without control and reason guiding the impulse to have sex and procreate. This damages discipline among men, allows their sexual impulses to become a controlling obsession and distraction and allows sex, procreation, and child-rearing to become the dominant factor in a man's life. This is unbalanced and unhealthy.

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One thing I know is that jealousy can be found, dealt with, cope with, run from, but it cannot be controlled. So, if you are a jealous woman, betrayal, pain, and sorrow could actually kill you. Even if you manage to stay alive, the pain will never end, you just get used to it. Even though if you want to do polygamy, even if you have entered into it with fully agreed, it will be painful. Jealousy will be your daily painful issue, and maybe when you least expect it to, it will be like a great headache, move your life into a burst of anguish. Therefore, studies have indicated that women who are in polygamous marriages have been passing through psychological problems and have more problems in their marriage, family, and life satisfaction, compared to women who are in monogamous marriages. Specialists indicate that this issue will cause for women who in polygamous unions regularly don’t find love and caring from their husbands, and they will be jealous of the other wives especially when the husband goes to other wife’s house to spend a night which is scheduled before. And on the other hand, husbands in polygamous relationships might become physically tough, and emotionally abusive because they might feel strong enough to full control over their wives. This issues will create a sadness environment in homes and unhealthy relationships among family members. Naturally, as everybody says that “No Body is Perfect”.

Satisfaction is not fully there. A spouse looks for more needs which can’t find them within his or her current spouse. Looking for more needs, polygamy is a solution to satisfy those needs of his or her lifestyle. But, you cannot love two Women - equally. There will always be a favorite. However, you will be able to have affection for all of them. Treating all of the wives equally is almost impossible. Yet, carrying for a wife is about more than supplying her with material needs, something polygamist husbands are frequently capable of doing for their many wives. It is also about more than treating all wives equitably and even 'loving' them equitably. It is, rather, about providing a wife with reciprocal attention, love, sexual attention, and feelings of individual value and meaning. This is reflected in the notion of the yin and the yang; parity and complementarity between two partners. A man with even just two wives is incapable of reciprocating equally the love and care he may receive from each of them. He will fall short to some degree with each of wives and violate the notion of reciprocity in marriage. This could make problems between spouses which result in the destruction of the family foundation. Since polygamous families will have more folks, kids will dependably have somebody to talk to. They will have a comfortable communication. Somebody who they can trust with. This wipes out the danger of depression among the members of the family, especially the children.

In another hand, several investigations have demonstrated that kids who experience childhood in the polygamous family have poor scholarly performance contrasted with the family members who experience childhood in monogamous families. There are a few purposes behind this; polygamous relational unions frequently have various kids, which imply that the father and mother don't have enough time to go through with their children and express their adoration and fondness. Thus, this can influence the children's psychological and enthusiastic development. Additionally, If the family doesn't have enough money, the individuals won't have enough healthy food constantly. This can be harmful to the youthful kids, whose body require vitamins and minerals to grow physically and mentally. The absence of cash can likewise keep kids away from education and school; more often than not, their folks pull them out of school to help with the family homestead or business and help in procuring cash. This can stunt their scholarly development and keep them from having a decent life. Polygamy can effect serious problems more than benefit you and your family. It might be good in one hand but in another hand, it leads to various problems due to lack of controlling the sexual impulses, incapable of reciprocating equally, rational jealousy, lack of spending time with children, and many others. Therefore, polygamy is not available for everybody. Each circumstance has its standards. The best way to save your family is to avoid it. Because polygamy doesn’t only give the bad effect for you but also your family. So, the decision is in your hands whether you want to choose your family or follow your desire to do polygamy.

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