The Divisive Nature of the Sleeping Mexican in Folk Art

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Sleeping Mexican in Mexican Folk Art

The sleeping Mexican in Mexican folk art I feel is a focal point of Mexican culture, however it can also be perceived as a racist or derogatory to some people. There are quite a few ways that this could be perceived, in this short essay I will be discussing the ways that this sleeping Mexican folk art is shaking things up all around and what the perceptions are.

Personally, I stand on the side of the sleeping Mexican being a vital piece of the Mexican culture as traditionally many of the men of Mexican families would work all day long in the hot sun and anyone would crash out and take a nap after that. I agree with the audio clip in that the perception of the sleeping Mexican could be taken as Mexicans being lazy simply due to the ignorant times that we live in these days. The actual meaning of the piece seems to be that you work hard, eat a good meal and have a nice nap after, similar to the works of art or photos of people sleeping off the large thanksgiving style meal, however the perception is making Mexicans out to be lazy and not wanting to work(Canal, Nick de la).

The sleeping Mexican art piece I choose to talk about is a bit nontraditional as it features a whole family sleeping while it seems that rich people in the back drop of the photo are making snide and snarky faces. This piece I believe really captures the essence of what I am trying to portray and that is people are very ignorant about culture; The rich people in the background could represent the people thinking that the sleeping Mexican is represented of laziness while in all actuality they are tired from working hard all-day long. If people would simply take the time to learn things would be much less racially violent in these crazy times(P, Mo.)

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