Essay Samples on Color

The Common Conception on the Symbolism of Color

Every color has its own meaning and what it stands for, but every person and culture puts on a different meaning depending on the color. One color could mean one thing in one country and something totally different in another, whereas some colors carry out…

Color Grading in the Cinematography as a Separate Art Form

Color grading is the altering of film, video and still images. This editing technique is more than just changing colors. It also altering contrast, shadows, exposure, and sharpening. Changing the colors affect the feeling that an audience might have. Within intensifying the color red, a…

Development of Human Color Perception According to Color Theories

The Evolution of Color William Gladstone was a four-time prime minister of England and a Homer fanatic. In his extensive reading, Gladstone noticed the strange trends in Homer’s descriptions of color. Homer described seemingly simple things with “defective” words. Sheeps’ wool and iron were described…

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