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The Development of Islamic Art

Islamic art is created not only for the Muslim faith, but it consists of artworks such as textiles, architecture, paintings and drawings that were produced in the regions that were once ruled by Muslim empires. Artists from various disciplines take part in collaborative projects and...

Analysis of the Modern Concept of Islamic Art

Introduction In the 19th century the modern concept of Islamic art was invented by historians, to facilitate the categorization and study of the first produced material by Muslims of the concept emerging from Arabia in the seventh century. Today, the term of Islamic art proves...

The Impact of Rule of Ottoman Empire on the Art of Iraq

From 1400 to 1600 A.D h Turko-Mongol dynasties withheld and controlled the land of Iraq and many other eastern Asian 1446, the white sheep Turkmen fought and drafted the black sheep Turkmen and ended up ruling Iraq, soon after the Safavids ruled Mesopotamia defeated...

A Look at Islamic Customs: Art, Music, Traditions

The Middle East is a place with culture, different traditions and different religions.Three major religions in Middle East are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. But today I am going to focus and talk more about Islam as a religion and discuss facts about it. Muslims live...

The Art in Architecture in Islamic and European Culture

Architecture was always present with astounding works of sculpted and painted art, before the early 20th century, often portraying complex concepts and cultural beliefs. Specific cultural ideas and allegories were symbolised a lot through painted art and sculpted art, while styles of architecture changed and...

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