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Edgar Degas and His Way of Critics

Mary Cassatt was born in 1844. She was born in what is now known as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and died on June 14, 1926 at her French home right outside of Paris. Mary was raised in Philadelphia where she spent her childhood with a social privilege...

The Effect of Japanese Aesthetic on Edgar Degas' and Other's Work

The appropriation of other cultures in European art is a curiosity that has long attracted scholars. The introduction of non-western motifs into the European design vocabulary was equally novel and became an alternative to the historically based designs associated with various revivalist styles in the...

Unique Use of Impressionism with Other Styles in The Rehearsal by Edgar Degas

‘The Rehearsal’ was one of Degas’ first paintings of the ballet; his interest in the subject was perpetual, lasting until the end of his life. I find this work intriguing because of its atmosphere of immediacy. The viewer is a fly on the wall, peering...

The Influence of Photography on the Works of Edgar Degas

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange (1895 – 1965). Meaning “drawing with light”, photography essentially combines two distinct sciences, optics - the crossing of light rays to form an image inside a camera, and chemistry...

Masterful Capture of Movement in The Ballet Class by Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas played a prominent role in the 19th century Art. Along with paintings, he also contributed to prints, pastel drawings and photography. Degas produced the biggest amount in range of works out of all Impressionists. Loss of eyesight made him go through distinctive style...

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