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All The Ways Yellow Journalism Shaped The Government

According to business dictionary the media means “ Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated.” The media In 2019 the media is everywhere, even on popular social media sites, such as snapchat, facebook, instagram, allowing everyone in the world...

The Bias Of Bangladesh's Media Towards Yellow Journalism

Abstract: The underlying objective of my research paper “Is Bangladesh’s media more biased towards yellow journalism?” seeks to find out how yellow journalism and fabricated news have an impact on the general people of Bangladesh. I undertook this research to shade light on yellow journalism...

The Crucial Factors Behind The Yellow Journalism

Abstract An important issue in journalism is media distortion. It is cliche to say that “history repeats itself,” but in this case it represents a valid point. Media distortion has been taking place for quite some time and continues to do so today. Since media...

Yellow Journalism And The Spread Of Fake News

Over the last century or so, the faction of media dedicated to journalism has never quite been free from the dangers of embellishing bulletins. It is far from a new problem; it has risen steeply with the advent of social media and the web 2.0....

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