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Impact of Video Projector on Student's Public Speaking

As today is the era of technology, the use of video-project has strong connections with students’ speaking performance. Speaking skill is a real-time, aural, oral and productive skill (Bailey, 2003). The ability to speak consists of 4 competencies including discourse competence, grammatical competence, strategic competence...

Phobia of Public Speaking and Cognitive Therapy

The study of associative learning in Psychology has specialised in two sub-fields: Classical (Pavlovian) conditioning focuses on how “mental” representations of stimuli are linked whereas instrumental conditioning deals (mainly) with response-outcome associations. It is agreed though that, at the most general level, their associative structures...

Learners’ Anxiety Toward Speaking Skill

According to their perceptions, lack of effort was observed to grow repeat EFL learners’ anxiety toward speaking skill. Salima, Zahira, and Anissa (2015), found out lack of practice to be one of the most prominent factors of failure in speaking among the EFL students. Moreover,...

My Fear Of Public Speaking

As a student one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Fear in public speaking or glosopobia is frequently but incorrectly cited as a people’s biggest fear, and it is very common in students like us,it happens when reporting,roleplaying, and reciting. This is not just...

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