My Fear Of Public Speaking

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As a student one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Fear in public speaking or glosopobia is frequently but incorrectly cited as a people’s biggest fear, and it is very common in students like us,it happens when reporting,roleplaying, and reciting. This is not just a simple matter cause this kind of phobia can stem on poor self-image. In quote it says “Don’t let fear control your gesture, it says that don’t your the one who will control,not the fear will control you,it’s just like in the relationship,don’t let one emotion cover the beautifullness of gestures of your relationship. Some of us take this as a nightmare,a nd I one of that.

When I’m in the front of other like for example when I’m in school and I’m going to deliver some ideas I don’t know why but my hands are shaking even if I had really control not to get nervous still I can’t do. I really want to be a good speaker in front of others, but I think being a good speaker in front is not yet ready to welcome me, yeah that’s life sometimes there’s a one person you really want but he can’t want you back.

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According to Darrell Zahorsky (2017) the words “public speaking” cause fear and anxiety in the minds of otherwise competent, when you start feeling that your fear in speaking is what we call glosopobia, and I think I can call myself as one of that people’s Darrell Zahorsky mentioning that have a glosopobia, cause I’m very afraid in speaking in public it’s like I’ve stock in refrigerator in a week before I go back to myself again. Am I the one who is dreaming that someday I’ll be a good speaker? Although not a really good but slightly a confidential person when it comes to a public speaking in school. How can I overcome this kind of fear? Or us rather.

In Warren Buffett speech he explained some tips on how to conquer fear in speaking and he also said that even if he experiences also being afraid in public speaking. The first tip that he mentioned is eliminate fear of rejection,don’t think that your performance is not good,second is build your confidence,as a speaker you need to be a confidential person to talk to your audience,an the last he said take a few deep breath, just calm yourself don’t panic cause everything will be fine. There are two inspirational quotes that I love, you know I love quotes even if they didn’t love me still I love them, that’s how life unfair,you love someone but he didn’t feel the same feeling, anyway by Dr. Henry Link in his quotes it says “We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action” I love this ‘cause you know what why? cause for me the message of this quotes says before we act, our imagination run wild, and the second quotes is by Maya Angelo in her quotes it says “We may encounter many defeats,but we must not be defeated”. I love this quotes not just because it’s very amazing to hear and to say but because it have a deep meaning, that we don’t be affected be a positive thinker and don’t be defeated in any struggles.

You know what, maybe that’s why we’re afraid of presenting in front of others it’s because we’re lack of experience and we’re still in our comfort zone, you what comfort zone is? I remember when my grade 10 teacher encouraging us that we need to get out of our comfort zone, know what why? But beacuse of that thats why were not independent,according to my teacher, when we are spoiled in having a comfort with family, friends and to your surrounded,we’re always be like that,always expecting that someone will going to help you. Do you think you can stand on your own if someday the people around you will be gone at one moment? No it won’t, if that’s our attitudes were not going to stand in our own.I think this is the right time to stand out and get out of our comfort zone.

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