"Who I Am?": Objects That Represent Me

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 I have several items that give a clear representation of my life. It ranges from my mobile cellular smartphone to my pair of awesome bronze Adidas wrestling shoes. Every object I have that represents me represents me because of the experience I went through with it. Each item that I treasure expresses who I am. 

My smartphone, which is a galaxy s Three, represents me clearly because it shows that in a social person and that is very modern, it also helped me a lot throughout my life; like studying for a test or communicating with friends and family. I also own very colorful clothing; my colorful clothing express’s me because it shows that I can have fun because being colorful means that you are not afraid of being different and like to combine, and people who are not scared of being different often have fun. I also own a bench and weights, I adore my workout equipment, because fitness is my life and I love to workout, it is an excellent way to be in shape and a good idea to feel good, I also love my bench and weight set because it helps me not to procrastinate and make something out of myself. All of my workout equipment represents me because it shows my determination to become stronger. 

Out of everything I own in this world, my most prized possession would probably be my wrestling shoes; it’s not the shoes that I like, it’s the story and principle my shoes tell. That pair of wrestling shoes tell the story of my first varsity wrestling match, which I won of course. Also, the boots are a little wear and tear, and people told me to fix them but I rather not because that pair of shoes tells the story of the hardship that had to go through, every scratch and rip on that pair of wrestling shoes means something, something special that can’t be replaced. 

I do believe that individual objects can tell a lot about a person, but it’s not the object that represent a personal story, it’s the experience that, that one person went through with that object. A piece of paper that says “Korean” can describe me, because I am Korean, but it can`t tell my story unless I went through a hard experience with it. An object is only useful if you go through an experience with it, if not it’s just an object or thing.  

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